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WW2 Japan and China's war AKA the Second Sino japanese war Research Paper

WW2 Japan and China's war AKA the Second Sino japanese war - Research Paper Example The results of the war were that they were displaced from their homes and properties totaling to billions destroyed1. This paper examines into details second Sino-Japanese War and its effects. The second Sino-Japanese War origin is traced back to the incident in Manchurian which took place in September 1931. Japanese being effectively consolidated had occupied different territories and the Kwantung army went ahead to occupy Munchuria. After this, they established their puppet state In Munchuria known as Manchukuo in February 1932. The Chinese were not happy with this change, but the Japanese forced them to recognize the independence of their puppet states. They opposed this by conducting suppressed anti-Japanese activities and in the process forming an autonomous regional government in Northern China. However, the Japanese succeeds in their quest of forming puppet states because between the periods of 1933 and 1935, the Chinese people were forced through their armies to create two demilitarized autonomous areas to border their puppet state2. The break of the Second Sino-Japanese war was traced back to increased internal opposition to the Japanese government by Chinese citizens who saw that the Japanese policy of making their selves stronger before carrying out an attack was a threat to their sovereignty. In 1937, the Japanese soldiers headed for Beijing and Tainjin demanding that the Chinese soldiers were to surrender under their terms. This was because they knew that the military might of the Chinese could not match them as they were advanced weaponry. However, this did not go as planned because the Chinese clashed with the Japanese as they saw that they were slowly loosing their freedom and country to the Japanese who were foreigners in their land3. The Chinese initial response to this was to place their troops outside Shangai an area occupied by the Japanese. This act greatly agitated the Japanese as they saw this as an act of challenge to their

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Do you agree the impossibility of measuring the size of ecological Essay

Do you agree the impossibility of measuring the size of ecological footprints accurately undermines the idea of ecological citizenship - Essay Example rol the rate of individual man’s exploitation of natural resources, but the question that arises in this context is: can the ecological footprint support and incorporate corporate citizenship or does it actually undermine it? This study examines whether and to what extent, the ecological footprint can contribute towards environmental sustainability and how far it promotes or undermines a spirit of ecological citizenship. The co-creator of the concept of ecological footprint is Mathis Wackermagel, who in an interview, pointed out that there must be some degree of relative parity in the use of Earth’s resources among individuals from different parts of the planet.1 The ecological footprint offers a measurable tool that can determine how much of land and water resources humans need in order to be able to produce the resources they use and to absorb the wastes they generate, and this has been pegged at a footprint of 4.5 acres per person. But in the United States, the average size of this footprint is much larger, i.e, about 24 acres, which suggests that the average American citizen uses up much more than his or her fair share of the resources of the Planet.2 An ecological footprint may be defined as a â€Å"measurement of the land area required to sustain a population of any size.†3 Wackernagel, the co-creator of the ecological footprint, has defined it as â€Å"the land (and water) area that would be required to support a defined human population and material standard indefinitely.†4 Every individual uses certain basic amenities such as food, electricity and other basic amenities in order to survive and these resources need to be derived within the constraints of nature by using raw natural resources. An ecological footprint thus seeks to determine the amount of both land and water resources that must be used by every individual in order to sustain a population of any size over a future continuous period, with such an assessment being made on the basis of the

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50s Pop Culture Essay Example for Free

50s Pop Culture Essay Pop culture is commercial culture based on popular taste. Today’s pop culture consists of rap/ hip hop music, sagging jeans, high-top shoes, and 3D movies. In the 1950’s fashion, music, and technology was worlds apart from how it is today. Rock Roll, Hot Rods, black leather jackets and rebellious teens are iconic images often imagined when mentioning the 1950’s in the US. History repeats itself. This fat is perhaps the most obvious when it comes to fashion. Fashion today is heavily influenced by the fashion during the 1950’s. Girls wearing bright colors, flow dresses, tight blouses, and high-waist shorts are common now, and were during the 50’s. Guys wearing fancy suits/ dress shirts, with khakis are undoubtedly coming back into style especially among â€Å"hipsters. † The â€Å"rebel† style of the 50’s with blue jeans (which everyone wears today, but were unacceptable for young women to wear) T-shirts under leather or jean jackets, with boots and long hair is becoming quite common for the youth today. Music has played a huge role in American society for over a hundred years. In the 1950’s the fastest growing genre was Rock Roll. Largely because of teens, and they’re need to express themselves and be noticed. Music in the 50’s was one of the only things in this time embraced it fully. Country singers like Johnny Cash stayed above water because of their ingenuity, ability to adapt, and pure talent. Blues and soul artist like James Brown and Ray Charles are icons for their ability to touch people through music on a personal level. No essay about American 50’s pop culture would be complete without mentioning â€Å"The King of Rock Roll† Elvis Presley. Almost every aspect of pop culture in the 50’s was heavily influenced by the era of Rock Roll. Cars were no exception. Hot rods were very popular among the youth, but seen as death traps by adults. In reality â€Å"adult cars† like the Lincoln Continental were far more dangerous. Car advancements were huge during this time, like the growth of automatic transitions. Cars were simple to work on making it a hobby for many young adults. Racing and car shows became common. Learning about pop cultures from different is not only interesting but important too. It helps you understand how todays pop culture became the way it is. People that ask questions about why fashion is the way it is, or how music became how it is, can study past pop cultures for answers. 50’s pop culture changed music, fashion and technology forever!

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Awakening Vs. Greenleaf :: essays research papers

A strong critique by existentialist writers of modern society is the way in which humans live unexamined, meaningless lives with no true concept of what it is to be an unique individuals. In Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening and in Flannery O’Connor’s short story â€Å"Greenleaf† the characters Edna and Mrs. May, respectively, begin almost as common, stock characters living unfulfilled lives. They eventually converge, however, upon an elevated life and death filled with new meaning through their struggle with their role as individuals surrounded by other important beings.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1948) believed that humankind follows a certain evolution of mind and body. This process involves a beginning (komogenese), a development (biogenese), and then a peak (noogenese) in which humans reach an Omega Point of higher being. Though his ideas were actually applied on a much broader scale of humanity over a large timespan, the theory can be applied to the individual’s process of human development. Single humans begin as common clones of one another. From this commonality many examine their lives and develop the things within them that make them uniquely them. This development of the self only can be ended at death when the individual converges upon an Omega Point in which he has an elevated understanding of and meaning for life. The characters Edna from The Awakening and Mrs. May from †Greenleaf† encounter a similar human development in which an individual is formed with an understanding of life. The means by which they achieve this differ greatly.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As the novel The Awakening opens, the reader sees Edna Pontellier as one who might seem to be a happy married woman living a secure, fulfilled life. It is quickly revealed, though, that she is deeply oppressed by a male dominated society, evident through her marriage to Leonce. Edna lives a controlled life in which there is no outlet for her to develop herself as the individual who she is. Her marriage to Leonce was more an act of rebellion from her parents than an act of love for Leonce. She cares for him and is fond of him, but had no real love for him. Edna’s inability to awaken the person inside her is also shown through her role as a â€Å"mother-woman†. She loves and cares for her children a great deal, but does not fit into the Creole mother-society in which other women baby and over protect their children.

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Political Party and Internet Essay

HARATAL In modern strife torn state hartal has become a common affair. It is observed at the call of a political party or parties to press their demand to protest against the corruption, misuse of power and the evil deeds of the ruling party. Sometimes students and people of a locality call hartal to express their demands. On a hartal day normal course of life is stopped. All means of transport and vehicles do not move on the roads. People are to take a lot of troubles to attend their offices. They go on foot as vehicles are not available. As a result the attendance is very negligible in the offices, factories, industries and shops. The economy of the country suffers a heavy loss. Mills, factories, industries and shops stop their work. All the business centers, markets and shop remain closed. The supporters in favor of hartal bring their procession. Often clashes occur between the police and the picketers. Sometimes clashes take place between the supporters of the opposition and the ruling p olitical parties which result in some deaths. On a hartal day the sufferings of the people know no bound LOAD SHEDDING Load-shedding is the suspension of electricity supply on certain lines when demand is greater than the generation. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Besides, unplanned distribution and illegal connection of electricity are also responsible for it. It creates various serious problems. The students are affected by it if it occurs at night. They sit idly in the dark closing their books. They suffer terribly owing to load-shedding on the night before their examination. Mills, factories, industries, all academic and socio-economic institution seriously suffer due to it. It seems that everything comes to a standstill and so life becomes rally painful. In a country like ours it is very difficult to solve the problem of load-shedding. Yet we can go a long way by establishing new power plants, ensuring planned distribution, reducing system loss and checking illegal connections. If these are ensured, we may expect to get rid of the curse of load-shedding. Governme nt should also take effective steps in this regard. Computer The computer is one of the most brilliant gifts of science. This device was originally developed by Charles Babbage. Most countries have developed fast due to computerization. Writing a program is essential for a computer. Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of a computer. Many of the routine activities today at home and in business are done by computers. The computer has proved a friend and servant of science, technology and industry. Most offices, shops, factories and industries use computers. The Internet is a storehouse of information. The computer is boon to all. Telecommunication and satellite imageries are computer based. Computer has made the world a global village today. The Internet The information system of the world has become globalized with the magical touch of internet. Like a spider-web the Internet has spread its interconnected link with tens, hundreds or even thousands of computers. And it has enabled them to share information and communication with one another widely, effectively and inexpensively.The Internet has made it possible for people all over the world to bring the information and communication system within their palm. The Internet has brought new opportunities to government, education and business. Governments use the Internet for internal communication, distribution of information and automated tax processing. Bangladesh as a developing country does not have access to the Internet in all spheres. Still internet here has some access to the business world and the banking system. Educational institutions also use the Internet to some extent. Internet here also allows a great variety in digital entertainment. People can enjoy music, movie, gaming, chatting with friends, sharing views and ideas about world affairs just by pressing few keys. We hope that we will get full-fledged access to the Internet, an international computer network, to make our Bangladesh a developed and prosperous country. TRAFFIC JAM Traffic jam is one of the most irritating problems in bangladesh. It has taken a very serious shape in city areas.This problem is the result of rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicle. In proportion to our population, roads have not increased. Moreover, cities are full of rickshaw and rickshaw pulles do not follow the traffic rules never maintain a queue while waiting to proceed. Untimely loading, unloading of goods of trucks, unauthorised markets by the road side, unwise parking to vehicles, public meeting, processions etc. Generally cause traffic jam. Narrow roads in another cause of traffic jam. Most often traffic jam occurs at office time and also at the time when the officer break. Sometimes traffic jam is so heavy that it blocks half a kilometre. It kills our valuable time and cause great suffering to the dying patients being carried in the ambulance. However, this problem can be solved by adopting some measures. Well planned spacious road should be constructed. one way movement of vehicles should be introduced.Traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey them. The number of traffic police should be increased.

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Daughter Isotope Definition - Chemistry Glossary

Daughter Isotope Definition: The product which remains after an original isotope has undergone radioactive decay. The original isotope is termed the parent. Return to the Chemistry Glossary Index

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The Cloud Going Beyond The Contractarian Paradigm

Privacy in the Cloud: Going Beyond the Contractarian Paradigm Masooda N. Bashir, Jay P. Kesan, Carol M Hayes and Robert Zielinski 1. Citation Bashir, M, Hayes, C, Kesan, J Zielinski, R 2011, â€Å"Privacy in the Cloud: Going Beyond the Contractarian Paradigm†, Proceedings of the 2011 Workshop on Governance of Technology, Information, and Policies, pp. 21-27, December 2011 2. Purpose of the Article The purpose of the article is to provide a brief summary of cloud computing, a relatively new concept that has emerged with the increasing use of technology. In describing cloud computing, the article also informs the general public of its limited privacy and security levels, one of the main issues currently surrounding cloud computing. The article evaluates existing laws governing the privacy and security of the information and data of individuals, prompting readers to be more cautious in their use of the cloud. 3. Key Information 3.1 Cloud Computing Cloud computing is defined by the article as the use of various softwares (such as hardware, storage and systems software) based in large global data centres rather than in local servers in personal computers. Cloud computing is believed to provide a range of benefits such as increased flexibility, reliability, portability and efficiency. It will simplify devices as well as reduce costs and the time taken to complete tasks. However, at the same time, cloud computing gives rise to security, privacy and legal issues. Some of these